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From MSDN: "IntelliSense code snippets are one of the coolest new features in Visual Studio® 2005. Code snippets are highly customizable code fragments intended to accomplish simple to intermediate tasks quickly; they can be inserted into your code with just a few keystrokes."
SnippetCreator helps you to create your own code snippets fast and very easy. Install the package from the Downloads section and run your Visual Studio. Load some project and display a document with some code.
If you want to create a snippet based on the part of your code, just select this part and click RMB on your selection. From the context menu select Create snippet option:

The Snippet Creator main window will be displayed:

Select the text you want to mark as literal (literals will be marked with green background when you enter the snippet shortcut in your code) and click on the Markup button to mark one or Markup all to mark all instances of the selected text. Marked literals will be highlighted with the yellow color. Next, click on the Create button to create the literal:

Inside displayed window enter the unique literal ID, default value and the tool tip which will be displayed in your editor window when you place the cursor on the literal. When you'll finish creating your literals enter the shortcut name, title (can be the same as the shortcut name) and description. When you press the OK button the new XML document with your snippet's definition will be created and displayed in the Visual Studio. Save this document into the Visual Studio snippets folder (i.e. My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Code snippets\Programming language\My Code Snippets).

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